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Hi! I'm back in school to be a paralegal. I'm trained as a chef, can passably play the piano, and I sing. I'm partially faceblind, really opinionated, and sometimes inexplicably sad.

I like comics but I don't actively read them right now. I have a huge soft spot for Steve Rogers/Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, but I'm not opposed to other pairings. I love a lot of shows but I'm going through a phase where I mostly don't watched them. I do keep up with The Exorcist, tho. I'm addicted to ID Channel and most true crime shows like Forensic Files, etc.

I live at home with my mom while I'm in school and I take care of my grandmother. I have a tiny 6 lb dog named Attila, a big 80 lb. dog named Rowdy, and a 40 lb. English Bulldog named Pumpkin, who is the love of my life.

Cis, she/her, feminist, Democrat, pro-choice, animal rights supporter, PETA-hater, meat eater, Agnostic, shopaholic.

What I smell like: Roses. Lots of roses.

What I look like: Tall, fat, long brown hair, usually in a messy bun, blue eyes, either full makeup or nothing at all.